Treadmill Workout Tips – 5 Tips For Your Treadmill Workouts

If running or walking on a treadmill is part of your normal exercise routine, are you getting the absolute most benefit from your workouts? Sadly, many people who use a treadmill use improper form or poor technique. As a result, they’re not improving their fitness level or reaching their overall health goals.

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The good news is that most of these flaws are minor and can be corrected rather easily. Let’s examine our top five tips for getting the most value from your treadmill workouts…

#1: Are You Holding On?

Many times at your gym or health club, you’ll notice people on treadmills holding on to the front or side rails. In general, if you need to hold on the the rails, you’re not getting optimal benefit from your walking or running.

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The reason is that by holding on, you’re not using your entire body weight to create momentum and propel you forward. It is much better to slow the pace or decrease the incline to develop proper hands free form. Additionally, holding on to the rails creates an irregular stride, which may ultimately cause injury to knees and ankles.

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