The Benifits Of Aloe In Professional Gloves

When using professional disposable gloves, and choosing gloves with aloe, there can be many benefits. First of all they have an incredible moisturizing property which gives your skin the ability to be hydrated. It also removes dead skin. As most hygienists and medical personnel wear these at a rate of about 40 a day or more, this can only be a plus when considering your order for gloves.

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Aloe, itself, has anti – inflammatory properties which can enhance wound process. It reduces swelling and promotes recovery from infection. Studies show that active aloe can increase the rate of wound closure and tensile strength by proliferation of nerve, blood cells, skin and liver.

Again, aloe has so many great effects we don’t often realize that they can aid us in our aging process. It is believed that it can reduce severe joint pain and muscle pain associated with arthritis, tendonitis and other injuries caused due to aging.

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As many elderly people have seen a lot of sun during their lifetimes, it also helps prevent suppression of the skins immune system (which may be the cause of so many skin cancers).


ALASTA ALOE – These gloves are designed for the latex user. They perform like latex and afford extreme comfort. They have textured fingers with precision fit and are powder – free.

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