How To Choose A Power Generator For Your Home

If you live an area where your electricity supply is frequently interrupted, you may be thinking about getting a power generator. However, if you’ve never had to choose a generator before, you may have no idea how to pick one that’s right for your home.

By following a few simple tips, and keeping your home’s energy requirements uppermost in your mind, finding a generator that can supply your home during a power cut could be much simpler than you think. Here’s some advice to get your search for a generator started.

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Wattage and Mains Connections

Before choosing a generator, you need to identify which items you wish to supply power to. For instance, if you want a generator to supply electricity to your home during a power cut, you’ll most likely want it to provide power to your light fittings at the very least. But you may also want it to power up your television, computer, games consoles, kettle and other electrical items in your home. Write down the wattage required by each of these items and add up the values. The generator you eventually choose should have rated watts that exceed this number.

You also need to consider whether or not you want to connect your generator to the mains power supply in your home. Wiring it up to the electricity mains means that, if you should experience a loss of electricity, your generator will start up automatically so you may barely notice that a power cut has occurred. With this option, it’s advisable to get a trained professional to install your generator for you.