QQ plans to do entertainment social ecology

Yin Yu, vice president of Tencent believes that entertainment and social integration is not a simple 1 +1, but through social expression, interest discussion, live, etc., began to social flow. “Our users, especially young people are very creative, entertainment content may be interpreted or even re-created, and then a profound impact on one or more groups, to create a wide range of social influence.Popular content is often created this way, With the convergence of entertainment and social acceleration, the future, popular content may be unimaginable speed, and change our perception.

In particular, Yin Yu said, on the one hand, QQ through the layout of film and television, animation, games, literature, and constantly improve the layout of entertainment content, good “content carrier”; on the other hand, through the QQ group, , Live, QQ Aspect, track and other functions, so that entertainment content through social influence, as a good “social amplifier.”

Since last year, QQ in carrying the layout of entertainment content has made significant progress. QQ and a number of world-class IP depth cooperation in the field of film and television; Tencent QQ access to animation is the largest animation collection platform and original animation support platform. At the same time, QQ Tencent with the literary platform, QQ reading products two plates, not only to provide users with high-quality literary reading services, but also for content creators to provide a good support program. In addition, sponsored by the QQ QGC League has become the most influential domestic hand tour events.

In order to enlarge the bearer of entertainment content, QQ recently launched a number of social products. Live level, QQ launched the NOW live and penguin gaming products, the former in the movie premiere, concerts, sports events and other recreational activities in the entertainment of social capabilities, which provide electricity to explain the game events such as live games content. “Track” is the development of mobile QQ short video social new features, “short video + creative interaction” will match the consumption of fragmentation scenes; QQ Aspect is through a new “social + personalized recommendation” model for content The entrepreneur provides a content creation platform based on social sharing.

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