The platform of used cars

Used electric car line layout is not easy. An anonymous industry insiders, urban development on the one hand, need to consider the brand’s reputation in the local to ensure that the car supply; the other hand, also need to have enough detectors. Network equipment to be depending on the city level and the user’s activity may be, from a dozen people to hundreds of people ranging. Preheating of new markets not only takes time, traffic and advertising investment is also essential.

Obviously, the expansion of everyone’s money there is a demand, however, the company has been slow this year, no public financing plan. In February, there have been news, all cars get D round of financing, but the message has not been accurately confirmed. According to public information, in August 2015, everyone announced the completion of Tencent strategy led by the 85 million US dollars C round of financing, has been nearly a year apart. In this regard, the person in charge of the relevant person in charge, said the financing plan is the company’s internal affairs, the company plans and decide when to publish, but do not want to release through the financing plan to infer whether the company is healthy.

In fact, for second-hand car dealers, rapid expansion can seize the market, but there are also some risks. Last month, the “blind fast” expansion, investment is too large, so choose to close some of the branch office. Analysts believe that, from the model point of view, C2C model of second-hand car dealers in the car source, the size of the transaction, the number of users, etc., compared to B2B or B2C mode has greater limitations, which also requires enterprises to market expansion More research and preparation is needed.

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