Special rectification on Internet financial advertising

Since the beginning of July this year, the City Administration of Industry and carefully deployed, and actively associated with the relevant departments in the city to carry out clean-up and rectification of the Internet financial advertising special action, achieved initial results. Up to now, a total of monitoring all types of Internet financial investment and financial management advertising 172 times, 31 Internet financial companies website advertising to check and found suspected illegal advertising 3, related cases are under investigation.

City Administration for Industry and Commerce in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government and the autonomous regional Trade and Industry Bureau, set up a leading group in charge of the leadership of the leading group to develop “the implementation of Internet financial advertising and financial investment in the name of financial activities in the risk of special rectification implementation plan” Rectification and standardization, on the one hand, transformation and improvement, and gradually regulate the behavior of Internet financial advertising. Advertising department is responsible for the investigation and cleaning of newspapers, radio, television and website publishing information about illegal fund-raising advertising information on illegal advertising focus on remediation; administrative examination and approval departments are responsible for providing Internet financial enterprises all registration information; corporate regulatory department is responsible for enterprises And to revoke the business licenses of enterprises that have not engaged in financial activities according to the opinions of the financial management department. The competition law enforcement department is responsible for the investigation and rectification of the false propaganda of the financial products and business.

At the same time, strengthen communication and coordination with the relevant functional departments such as finance, banking supervision, the People’s Bank, improve the working mechanism, do a good job of horizontal linkage between departments, cooperation and cooperation. In four batches to the City Internet Financial Leading Group Office to provide 621 related enterprises registered information, sent three to participate in joint special inspection, on 102 Internet financial enterprises to carry out field Mo Pai. To find out the basic situation of the Internet financial enterprises in the city, lay a good foundation for the next step to carry out clean-up and rectification work, and strengthen the major mass media such as radio, television, newspapers and so on, as well as Internet financial enterprise portals, real estate enterprise website, p2p Online trading platform, network fund sales platform, network consumer financial platform, network lending platform, equity financing platform and the network platform for the sale of financial products such as the website of the investment and financing category of advertising inspection and monitoring.

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