The first american president compaign

According to foreign media reports, according to market research firm Nielsen estimates that a total of 84 million people to watch the US presidential candidate 2016 election TV debate, as well as millions of people online watch this fierce battle.

On Monday night, the first TV debate in the US presidential election in 2016 kicked off. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton clashed with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Data show that in addition to 84 million viewers, there are millions of people on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other live online platform to watch the battle.

Facebook said the debate in real-time video views reached 55 million times, of course, this must also include the same person several times to watch the data. Facebook video service Facebook Live has a lot of video on the debate above the content, and debate after the various media comments, such as ABC News, Fox News, BuzzFeed, “The New York Times” and C-SPAN and so on.

Facebook said that the United States a total of 18.6 million people concerned about the Monday night presidential candidates TV debate, praise, post, comment and share the number reached 73.8 million times. In the online channel and the traditional television media to promote, the TV debate attracted a large audience. A total of 84 million people watched the televised debate on 13 television channels, with a record number of new audiences, more than any previous US presidential election televised debate, according to Nielsen.

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