Germany ordered Facebook to stop using WhatsApp to collect user information

Johannes Caspar, a data protection and information freelancer in Hamburg, said in a statement that Facebook must also remove the German WhatsApp user data it has collected. He said Facebook does not have a legal basis for using user information.

“This ban protects the data of about 35 million German WhatsApp users, and connects the WhatsApp account with Facebook,” said Caspar. “So Facebook has to get the user’s consent in advance, but it does not . ”

Facebook told Reuters that the company is working with regulators in Hamburg to solve the problem.

Facebook bought WhatsApp two years ago for $ 19 billion. In these two years, WhatsApp gradually become the world’s most popular real-time communication software. In 2015, the total number of its users reached 900 million users, including common users to send a total of more than 30 billion messages per day. Just think, such a large user groups, so massive information data, once the user privacy is not guaranteed, it is quite terrible.

According to German privacy regulators allegations, WhatsApp and Facebook have to ensure that the two will not share their personal data, but Facebook mislead the public on this issue. At the same time, regulators in the United States and the European Union are also investigating changes in WhatsApp’s privacy policy.

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