Hermes scarves and bags have been kept in the showcase

Showcase branding is a window. Brand image, product information, the latest policy can be accessed through a well-designed and decorated windows passed to the customer. We have had to showcase designers and their work skills done a report, detailing whether it is fast fashion brand or luxury brand for window display of attention. Recently, the French luxury brand Hermes in window design on another new work. Hermes in Tokyo and Shanghai flagship store, you have the opportunity to see Hermes products are in harmony with nature.

This window is set to echo the French artist Isabelle Daëron Hermes 2016 annual theme “La Nature au Galop (Nature at full Gallop, gallop between the natural world)” specially designed. By using different window enlarged “drop” of water makes up different shapes, Daëron hope reflects the state of nature, and thus appeal to everyone face up precious natural resources.

Of course, as a product showcase, Daëron products also need to be perfectly placed carefully constructed scene. Thus, the following scene occurred: windblown waves while blown away scarves, scarves for the winter and return, geese wings air lodestar; gloves and man-made changes you want to watch the water flow morphology, interpretation theme “made” wave; tableware, accessories and all the water has formed a life usage scenarios.

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