What kind of work is perfumer?

“As a boy, my family garden overgrown with clumps of fire parameters,” Christine Nagel interfacial told reporters: “It exudes spring color and smell.” Nagel Hermes perfumers, Hermes is the latest “nose.”

As the French fashion house like the advanced custom workshop where craftsman nicknamed “little hands”, incense process essential to the “nose” is used to refer to formulations designed perfumer. Hermes perfume “nose” Jean-Claude Ellena nearly seventy years, two years ago, he picked successor – from birth, family background, educational background to have their own distinct and Christine Nagel. Mentoring relationship between two people can not tell the strict sense of the age difference is only 12 years old, who is bidding race confront rivals.

In 1947, Jean-Claude Ellena was born in Grasse (Grasse) perfumer family. The town southeast France from the beginning of large-scale incense, Glimard, Chiris, Roure and other spices flavor companies in the 17th century has the rise here. 1919, an important customer of Chanel, Dior, Hermes and other purchase annually to Grasse Provence rose and jasmine. Before World War II, where the flowers yield up to 5,000 tons. Jean-Claude Ellena 16-year-old will join the production of essential oils, pretty soon after was promoted to perfume “nose.”

Perhaps because he was 20 years old he moved to Paris, southern accent when speaking is not strong. In early 1970, he entered the opening in Paris of a flavors and fragrances company, Ming Jiaoqi Wharton (Givaudan). 28 years old, he made the life of the first luxury brand perfume – Van Cleef & Arpels “first met” (First). The next twenty or so years, no fewer than one hundred kinds of perfume in his lab birth, including Cartier’s “Declaration” (Declaration), Yves Saint Laurent’s “Loving affectionate” (In Love Again), Bulgari “tea” (Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge).

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