Google DAP plan has come out

Daydream is Google’s high-end VR (virtual reality) program for Android devices, which is expected to be released in the coming months. But when it comes to submitting VR applications, Google is not ready to open the door. While all Android developers can submit Cardboard apps to the Google Play Store, this time, Google will tighten its controls on the Daydream platform early on, limiting which developers can distribute apps through its Android app store.

Now, developers can apply to join the DAP program. The application form is a collection of basic information, including a brief description of the VR application being developed, and whether it has been released on other VR platforms. Developers in the DAP program can “get a first-hand look at what Daydream’s developer tools are updating,” he said, adding that the development process will also connect with our team and the DAP community.

The inclusion criteria for the DAP program are not yet clear. This restrictive step makes it easy for Google to filter out high-quality VR content and prepare for the release of the Daydream platform, rather than opening the door to all existing and future Android developers. It’s hard to say why Google introduced DAP, but some speculated that it was to ensure that the first batch of on-line applications on the Daydream platform would follow the best VR paradigm to showcase the best look of Google’s new VR program for early high-quality applications. Basis for late entry into the VR developers learn from.

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