A Chinese artist who cooperates with hermes

He is the creative use of steel in the world. The artist, also known as “one of China’s modern and contemporary art and the unique value of the artist,” the maestro, he is a creative practice by resorting to the inner world of the poet, he is the division into Yunnan. Worked with Hermes, Volkswagen, Airbus and other cross-border cooperation mechanism, he works it is by some art galleries China, the United States, Europe, Australia and South Korea, institutions and individuals collection.

August 19, the division into Yunnan to join RHXC jointly open his personal exhibition in Shanghai – “Variations · Division Jindian Solo Exhibition” portrait interpretation of the art of living. The same day, the essence of the process between highlights RHXC 20 years of process engineering methods are also open to Taking a dialogue with the art exhibition, a tribute master classics.

He had windows Shanghai, Hong Kong Hermes flagship store, in addition to the new season, but you will be surprised to see that there appeared sculpture, which is the division into the maestro Dian big international fashion Hermes and cross-border cooperation. Division into Yunnan wire sculptures – violin, high heels and Hermes classic style shoes and bags together in the window display to the public in passing seemingly light line contains deep poetic, but also allow more people to understand works of art do not and then to cold is high only in the gallery, you can also become a part of everyday life.

Always uphold the idea of ​​such a division into Yunnan, the own personal work to Shanghai, it is to let more people understand the arts. Walking in Bel Art in clubs throughout Wyatt · The space space, which works with steel braided Smart lifelike appearance under reconstruction after the origin of a change of heart.

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