High-end hermes perfume made from different flowers

Since its birth, the light of Hermes perfume unique and tells a universal story: the birth and rebirth of a woman’s story, and she bathed in beautiful light in the world of Hermes.

Jean – Claude Dee Reiner choose flowers as a symbol of this female atmosphere. Perfume bottle “Flowers, flowers except nothing else,” he told us, “It was a strong scent.” Today, the gardenia is a core bundle of flowers, it exudes an intoxicating new sensual.

In one shining flower, a new day has arrived. It is a new imprint, strong and full of a sense of contrast, sunshine and plant Tones, show female gentle flavor, complexity and different side that all disturbing.

Gardenia, although it is only a flower, but it contains very much mean, it’s like a bunch of the same type by a bouquet of flowers consisting of the rose, tuberose and jasmine fragrance characteristics together . It is an exotic and mysterious feeling, it is tempting souls, it was rich fragrance rhyme tune in light of our Hermes created a perfume around a dazzling aura.

Hermes light fragrance of gardenia perfume bottles, creative inspiration from the classic Hermes aesthetics, square bottle to retain the focus of the base, the integration perfect curve. Through the thick glass body of the light is given a slight hint of star anise plants sense of color, it is like a manifesto about design, highlighted by PierreHardy conceived bottle lines.

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