The most advanced luxury is doing anything quietly

Hermes “Iraqis World” exhibition, told us the symbol of the lofty status of the brand culture in brand development. So it is not hard to understand, this show how real understatement pure, you do not really have a big charming demeanor made of. Unlike these years “in order to do exhibition and exhibition do” activities conceived the kind of small home Xiaomei small eyes.

Hermes real woman very beautiful, is not just to carry only platinum package wait in line, but that “I am my own way,” the courage, no matter the heroic, noble, or popular interpretation, they are only loyal to their own, He came step by step. Smart, independent, always look forward characteristics, needs space and freedom, I think of the dry matter.

In September, the French brand Hermes craftsmen under the guidance of artistic and creative director of women in the world women’s artistic director for the first time in Beijing presents “Iraqis Horizon” (theviewfromher) This unique interpretation of the way to Hermes 2016 autumn and winter series of the most representative product category, the use of multi-level form of tribute to the contemporary Hermes women.

“This rare exhibition of its exquisite and graceful enough to make up for all the trouble of regret. Deconstructed Each pavilion and series are fascinating, really speaking, in this environment, but also to come up with such calm calm and courage to make the exhibition to appreciate the pure Binan Jingjing own activities, also did not insist on a few brands. “

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