Consumer finance steps into the industrial B-side model

With the continuous improvement of the Internet financial industry chain, the industry has gradually entered from the C-side services for the organization’s B-side services, in the process, some large Internet companies can use their own platform, technology and industrial clusters, the back- Large data wind control and other core technical capabilities for external output. At present, with the Netease financial, Jingdong financial arrangements in this area increased, in the field of mutual gold, the future is likely to produce a trillion level of technology output market, and through a reasonable scene, technology and platform to achieve Business of the new development.
Last week, Jingdong Financial announced the “white strip” and bank co-operation of the joint electronic account – “IOUs flash payment” officially launched, the account through the UnionPay cloud flash technology, to achieve about 19 million units in China UnionPay flash pay POS machines, Covering more than 800 million businesses, this mobile consumer financial experience will meet people clothing, food, housing, transportation and other types of consumer demand, which is the industry as a traditional financial institutions and financial technology integration, Internet “initiative, which is actually a through the Jingdong IOUs” wind control, technology, brand output “and bank partners of the” funds, channels, products, “the cooperation between.
In addition to Jingdong, NetEase financial in this field of financial science and technology are also a lot of action, has set up a Netease’s first large data laboratory, and later and industry-leading insurance company set up a large data insurance innovation research, on this basis, Netease Finance in June joint Tsinghua University set up a financial science and technology center, and in September with the ants with the gold service to upgrade to the Financial Science and Technology Research Institute, is currently working to launch large data control products.

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