Why do you only need hermes?

Hermes insisted handmade, each bag produced an average of at least 13 hours a year or more in need of some length of time, each piece will be marked on the name of craftsmen, future maintenance and repair, it is also responsible for only by the same craftsman . Such a stringent production, Hermes ingenuity lies.

In addition to exquisite workmanship, Hermes stick with traditional rare raw materials, therefore, a perennial procurement staff traveled the world looking for rare materials, and production of scarce raw materials and suppliers signed an exclusive supply agreement, and then customized according to customer demand, almost at cost to make the best products. Among luxury brands, only high-priced Hermes to hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers are not missing.

Hermes is a real crowd-end services, such as countries of the royal family, old money, family, business and other top elite, they are not even visible trademark small, deeply attracted to those rich enough to have meaning, luxury low-key crowd. Generally speaking, since the top luxury market niche, brand development mostly not. But Hermes is a special case, it is considered the most successful top luxury.

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